neoLeader Leadership Podcast

Join Pastors Dan Sweetman (Senior Paster at Life Point Church Brisbane) and Jo Leutton (Spiritual Formation Pastor at Riverlife Baptist Church) on our neoLeader podcasts as they chat with local leaders about all things leadership, faith and life.


neoLeader Podcast


Episode 1 with Lincoln Hopper

Lincoln Hopper is the CEO of MS Queensland. He joins our neoLeader podcast to talk about his leadership journey in the workplace, resilient leadership and leading people in all aspects of life.

“We are all leaders in some respect. Everyone is leading somewhere, somehow.”



Episode 2 with Nathan Harris

Nathan Harris is the Senior Pastor of Bridgeman Baptist Church in Brisbane. He joins our neoLeader podcast to talk about his leadership journey, sharing his tips on growing as leader and find out the number one thing he looks for in a leader.



Episode 3 with Ruth Limkin

Ruth Limkin, CEO of The Banyans Health and Wellness, talks to us about her leadership journey, women in leadership and gives us her top 3 tips to avoid burnout.



neoLeader recordings

Did you miss out on attending one of our events? Are you still keen to hear some of the awesome content? Look no further. We have uploaded some of our workshop recordings to our podcast channel! 


neoNights 2018 with Dave Benson

In order to influence the culture that we live in, we first need to understand the culture. We need new words and new ways to reach our culture. So how do we faithfully bridge the divide between church and culture? This is the question we tackled at our neoNight workshop in 2018 with Dave Benson.

You can find the powerpoint slides and handouts Dave refers to in the workshop here: bit.ly/neonight2018


The RETREAT 2019 with Dave Benson

Work is defined as human activity that generates income. But that is not how God sees work. So, how do we bridge the gap between sacred Sundays and secular Mondays? How can you be a sign of Christ’s Kingdom in your workplace/community/ministry?



neoLeader conference 2019 with Simon Smart

Increasingly in the West, Christian faith is headed for the margins. Considered outdated, irrelevant or even sinister by some, it is certainly strange, alien territory for many others. The challenges in promoting the truth, beauty and goodness of the Christian story are many and varied. But Simon Smart thinks this is not the time for pessimism, fear and withdrawal. Instead, he believes the Christian message, embodied and lived out in community, still resonates powerfully with a society that is struggling to find satisfying answers to life’s deepest questions.


Faith & Leadership in a Stressed & Anxious Culture with Greg and Meryem Brown (neoLeader conference 2019)

This workshop was delivered at our 2019 neoLeader conference – For Such A Time As This. In this workshop, Greg & Meryem delve into Psalm 55 and exploring how we can practically live a life of faith and leadership whilst living in a culture that is experiencing stress and anxiety like never before.


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