neoNights 2019

neoNights were a new initiative for neoLeader in 2018. We’re excited to be able to bring neoNights back again in 2019!

neoNights aim to develop young leaders on a deeper level by focusing on one leadership topic at a time. We aim to provide young leaders with practical tools to equip them in their work, study and/or ministry leadership.

neoNights will be hosted by churches in the North, South and West regions of Brisbane and in Toowoomba. These nights will run as free, non-ticketed workshops where you can listen, engage in discussions and ask questions from experienced leaders, pastors and young adults. These nights are also a great opportunity to develop relationships with other young adults and churches in these regions.



Gospel centred leadership in the work place

Equipping young leaders to confidently lead and influence their work places

This year our neoNight workshops aim to equip young adults to confidently lead and influence their work places. We’ll be looking at how we follow Christ and lead like Christ in the work place, and tackling questions such as:

How do we practically express or live out the Gospel at work?
How does the Gospel influence the way I lead in my workplace?
What we can do practically to tackle challenges as leaders who are grounded in the Gospel?

So whatever stage you are at in the leadership journey and wherever you lead, we’d love to see you there! Dates and more information for each neoNight are available below.



neoNight West Brisbane
14 May 2019 | 7pm
Riverlife Baptist Church

neoNight South Brisbane
22 May 2019 | 7pm
Gateway Baptist Church

neoNight North Brisbane
29 May 2019 | 7pm
Bridgeman Baptist Community Church

neoNight Toowoomba
24 June 2019 | 7pm
Toowoomba Community Baptist Church




neoNights 2018

Equipping young leaders to influence culture

Did you miss neoNights 2018? You can find all the resources from our 2018 neoNights, including the powerpoint slides, handouts and padlet responses here: neoNights 2018