Courageous Leadership

Neo Leader 2017

SAT 16th Sept @ Bridgeman Community Baptist

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2017 Brisbane neoLeader Conference Electives – COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP


Living every day with courage and influence – Ruth Limkin

 We all want a world filled with social justice, where the vulnerable are safe and wrongs are made right but the problems seem so big and our ability to change things seems so small. This elective dares us to dream bigger while giving us practical ways to think about the problems, about ourselves and about how we can influence change. It will help us break free of intimidation and fear and inspire us to be agents of truth and grace.

Ruth Limkin is the founding CEO of The Banyans Health and Wellness, and has worked in politics, media, charity and pastoral ministry. On the board of a number of organisations, and an Elder of Nexus Church, she loves coffee, Jesus, her husband and people – not necessarily in that order.

 Dealing with conflict in leadership: courageous conversations – Andrew Sercombe

Courageous leaders have courageous conversations. Whether it be the result of change, differing ideas or personal conflict, any good leader will need to have those crucial conversations that lead to seeing a vision realised. Jesus was not afraid to have courageous conversations – whether that be with his friends, with religious leaders or with the social outcasts. We should not be afraid of doing likewise. In a culture where the difference of opinions are far too often reduced to shouting matchings, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to show a way of ‘doing conflict’ with respect and love. This elective will provide some tools of how to engage in healthy conflict and empower you as an emerging leader to participate in courageous conversations.

Andrew Sercombe is Young Adults & Evening Service Pastor at Gateway Baptist and has a passion to raise and equip a generation of leaders who have a love for the gospel and a call to grow the local church.

Courageously engaging Aussie secular culture – Dave Benson

 Whether in your uni lecture, around work’s water cooler, while chilling with non-Christian friends, or posting on social media, it’s a dangerous business going public with your faith. Secularists see religion as a private affair. It is presumed to be invalid and is therefore uninvited to shape our immanent existence. In a polarised and increasingly progressive context, it takes courage to confess your identity and speak out of a biblical worldview on contentious issues. How, then, to stand strong in a secular age? This elective helps you make sense of this post-Christendom experience, finding wisdom for how to represent Christ in hostile times.

 Dave Benson is Director of Traverse, the Malyon College Centre for Bridging Church and Culture. As a former high school teacher, youth worker and pastor, Dave is passionate about pluralistic dialogue and the public expression of Christian faith in a post-Christendom context, toward the flourishing of all. 

 Finding God’s vision for your life and influence – John Sweetman & Dave Twigg

It’s easier to be courageous when we know what God wants us to do. When God speaks really clearly, most of us are willing to trust God and risk. But some of the time we’re not actually sure what God wants for our lives and therefore it’s difficult to step out in faith because we could be wasting our time and energy or even making a disastrous mistake.

This elective looks at how much of God’s vision for our lives we can discern, and how God reveals this to us. You may not come away from the elective with a precise personal vision for the next 50 years, but you will learn how others have been directed by God and how God might be calling you.

John Sweetman is the Principal of Malyon College and has followed the leading of God through a number of different ministries over 45 years.

Dave Twigg is the Young Adults Pastor at Bridgeman Baptist and has a passion both to pursue God with courage and to encourage and assist others to do the same for the sake of a lost world.