Brisbane neoLeader Conference


Riverlife Baptist Church | 22 September 2018 | $30



Developing deep character for lasting leadership

Lasting leadership is anchored in integrity. It is character formed and forged through difficult times and through all the seasons. Our world needs leaders who are prepared to invest their lives in the quiet place and allow their character to be formed and shaped in the early years, so that they ultimately leave a lasting legacy. And we need these leaders to influence every area and sphere of life and culture.

neoLeader Conference 2018 is all about developing leaders of deep character who will last the journey. We have an incredible line-up of experienced leaders from a range of backgrounds, including business, ministry, politics and counselling, who will be sharing the ways in which they have endured the different seasons and challenges of leadership. No matter what stage you are at in your leadership journey,  this conference will encourage, equip and inspire you!

More information and registrations opening soon!


Guest Speaker Melinda Dwight

Melinda Dwight is the National Director of Alpha Australia, Chair of the William Wilberforce Foundation, Chair of Harvest Bible College and was a senior pastor for over 15 years. Melinda has a wealth of leadership experience and has faced many seasons and challenges throughout her leadership journey.


Elective Speakers

Peter Janetski
You may know him as Puberty Pete, but he is also one of the best counsellors and teachers on understanding mental health. We’re stoked to have Peter run one of our electives at conference to help us become deep charactered and resilient leaders.




Charles de Jongh
Charles is a lecturer at Malyon College in Brisbane, commencing in 2007, and is the current Academic Dean. Charles was raised in South Africa and initially worked as an air traffic controller in the South African Air Force. Charles pastored a church in South Africa before becoming a lecturer. Charles’ expertise is in biblical and youth studies and will be running an elective on the importance of Scripture in deepening our Christian character for lasting leadership.



Dan Sweetman
Dan is the current senior pastor of Lifepoint Church Brisbane. Dan has had various experience and leadership roles in television, marketing and fundraising prior to becoming a pastor. Dan is also on the neoLeader board. We’re excited to have Dan share with us how to take control of our time and habits to become deep charactered leaders anchored in Jesus.