About Us


We are of the firm conviction that the Gospel wants to impact every sphere of a leader’s life and ministry. neoLeader aims to equip and empower young leaders to shape the leadership landscape of their generation. Whether your leadership is exercised in the local church, community, or work place, neoLeader wants to help steward your influence for the sake of the gospel.

neoLeader runs various events throughout the year, including an annual neoLeader conference, and provides resources and tools for leaders to grow in their leadership. Jump to our Events page for more information on what’s coming up and visit our Resources page for access to podcasts, recommended readings and more.



Rev Dr John Sweetman was Malyon College Principal for fifteen years and over his time John was passionate about raising up servant leaders. He felt strongly that God’s desire was to fulfil the Jeremiah 3:15 promise to give His people shepherds after His’s heart. John began the Malyon Leadership Centre as a way of equipping leaders and pastors in leadership skills.

In 2013 John enlisted the help of Darren Dakers and together neoLeader began as a resource centre and conference. These conferences included workshops with Christian experts in various ministry. The word neo means a revived form of something. neoLeader is a reimaged way of leading through the Christian lens. neoLeader brings together young adult Baptist leaders as well as other denominations who’s heart is to serve God and his church through leadership.

In 2017 Rev Dr John Sweetman retired as Malyon College Principal and passed the baton to Andrew Sercombe, Young Adults Pastor of Gateway Baptist Church, to be neoLeader Director. As director, Andrew heads up the neoLeader board which consists of members from Malyon College, QB, Riverlife Baptist Church, Bridgeman Baptist Community Church, South Pine Community Church, Gateway Baptist Church and Lifepoint Church Brisbane.